AVZ Minerals and Locke Capital Extend Due Diligence Period for US$20 Million Facility

AVZ Minerals and Locke Capital Extend Due Diligence Period for US$20 Million Facility

In a significant move towards bolstering its financial and operational capabilities, AVZ Minerals Limited has announced the extension of the exclusive due diligence period with Locke Capital. This extension is pivotal for finalizing a US$20 million funding facility aimed at enhancing the company's working capital and supporting ongoing litigation efforts. Here's a detailed breakdown of this crucial development.

Partnership Strengthened: AVZ Minerals and Locke Capital have agreed to extend the due diligence period for a US$20 million funding facility.

Purpose of the Facility: The funding is intended for general working capital and litigation support, underscoring the strategic importance of the partnership.

Due Diligence Progress: Locke Capital has made significant advancements in its due diligence process, with only a few issues remaining to be resolved.

Commitment to the Term Sheet: Despite the extension, Locke remains committed to adhering to the terms agreed upon in the initial Term Sheet.

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Next Steps: The extended period will allow both parties to complete due diligence, secure final approvals, and finalize facility documentation.

Strategic Extension to Foster Completion

On 17 November 2023, AVZ Minerals outlined the Binding Term Sheet agreed with Locke Capital, marking the initial step towards securing a substantial US$20 million working capital and litigation funding facility. Since the announcement, both entities have engaged in comprehensive due diligence processes. The extension of the exclusivity period until 31 May 2024 signifies a mutual commitment to thoroughly vetting the terms and ensuring a solid foundation for their partnership.

Due Diligence Advancements

Locke Capital's diligence process has progressed substantially, with the investment firm now focusing on a limited set of outstanding issues. This meticulous approach highlights the thoroughness required in such significant financial arrangements and the commitment of both parties to uphold the highest standards of due diligence.

Future Prospects

This extension is more than just a procedural step; it represents a crucial phase in the partnership between AVZ Minerals and Locke Capital. By allowing additional time to address remaining concerns, seek approvals, and finalize documentation, both parties are laying the groundwork for a robust financial framework that will support AVZ Minerals' operational and strategic objectives.

The ongoing collaboration and the extension of the due diligence period reflect a strategic alignment between AVZ Minerals and Locke Capital, underscoring their commitment to a partnership that promises to significantly enhance AVZ's financial stability and support its growth initiatives.

Board's Endorsement

The decision to extend the due diligence period was authorized by the board of directors of AVZ Minerals, indicating strong internal support for the process and confidence in the eventual completion of the funding facility. This board endorsement underscores the strategic importance of the facility to AVZ Minerals' broader operational goals.

Contact Information

For more details, stakeholders are encouraged to contact AVZ Minerals directly or visit their website. The transparency and availability of contact points for inquiries reflect the company's commitment to stakeholder engagement and information dissemination.

The extension of the due diligence period for the US$20 million funding facility between AVZ Minerals and Locke Capital is a testament to both parties' dedication to detail and their strategic vision. As the process moves towards finalization, the focus remains on leveraging this partnership to bolster AVZ Minerals' financial footing and support its ongoing and future projects.

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