Encounter Resources Unearths New Niobium-REE Mineralized Carbonatites in West Arunta

Encounter Resources Unearths New Niobium-REE Mineralized Carbonatites in West Arunta

Encounter Resources Ltd (Encounter) has announced its discovery of new niobium-REE mineralized carbonatites at the Aileron project situated in the West Arunta region of Western Australia. The findings are a remarkable milestone in the company's mineral exploration journey in one of Australia's most challenging geological terrains.

New Niobium-REE Carbonatites

Encounter Resources used Reverse Circulation (RC) drilling for the first phase of exploration, which identified the presence of niobium-REE mineralized carbonatites in two locations. The first is the Green target, located in the southern part of the Aileron project, where two 200m spaced RC holes were drilled and intercepted carbonatites with variable anomalous niobium and REE. The mineralized trend established remains open towards the east into a large circular magnetic feature, which could potentially be an intrusive complex.

The second is the Emily target, situated 2km northwest of WA1's Luni discovery, which showed significant mineralization in niobium-REE to the end of the hole at around 50m depth. The mineralized carbonatite at Emily is a new discovery based on recent learnings from RC drilling in other parts of Aileron.

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Assay Results and Next Steps

The assay results from Green and Emily targets are expected to be out between December 2023 and January 2024. Encounter's managing director, Will Robinson, praised the target modeling method used and the extraordinary success rate of drilling niobium-REE mineralized carbonatites in West Arunta. Robinson also credits their well-credentialed exploration team and their valuable inputs in identifying these mineralized carbonatites.

Encounter Resources is now evaluating how to expand the RC drilling program by targeting untested areas to establish continuity along the carbonatite system. These findings bode well for Encounter Resources, as it continues to strengthen its position and unlock the potential of a significant new rare metal system in Australia.

In conclusion, Encore Resources has made yet another significant milestone in mineral exploration in the West Arunta region of Western Australia with its discovery of new niobium-REE mineralized carbonatites. The discovery presents a new opportunity to unlock rare metals and adds to Australia's already rich natural resources.

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