Has Charger Metals Struck Gold - or Rather, High-Grade Lithium at Lake Johnston?

Has Charger Metals Struck Gold - or Rather, High-Grade Lithium at Lake Johnston?

Charger Metals Strikes High-Grade Lithium Mother Lode at Lake Johnston: A Game-Changing Discovery

Charger Metals NL (ASX:CHR) has unveiled a groundbreaking discovery at its Lake Johnston Lithium Project in Western Australia. The recent assays from rock chip samples collected at a fresh pegmatite outcrop have uncovered exceptional lithium grades, reaching an astounding 4. 2% Li2O. The revelation of high-grade lithium content marks a pivotal moment for Charger's lithium exploration endeavors.

The Revelation of High-Grade Lithium Deposits

In a compelling revelation, Charger's geological field mapping efforts led to the unearthing of a newly identified pegmatite outcrop extending over 85 meters at Lake Johnston. This discovery stands out for its remarkable lithium concentration, registering high-grade assays of 4. 2% Li2O, with additional samples returning equally impressive grades of 3.

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7% and 3. 5% Li2O.

Visual assessments reveal substantial spodumene crystals, estimated to account for up to 40-50% of the outcrop's composition. The confirmed presence of spodumene, a valuable lithium-bearing mineral, adds weight to the potential commercial significance of this find. 1

Expansive Lithium-Rich Zone

Further exploration of the terrain has unveiled an extensive trend of lithium-rich pegmatite outcrops stretching across 1. 2 kilometers at Lake Johnston. Within this trend, two additional pegmatite outcrops have been identified, boasting equally significant lithium assays of 2. 5% and 2. 2% Li2O, respectively.

Charger's Managing Director, Aidan Platel, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "The discovery of these high-grade spodumene-bearing pegmatite outcrops marks a pivotal moment for our Lake Johnston Lithium Project. The presence of three pegmatite occurrences with visible spodumene crystals and robust lithium assays along a 1. 2km trend suggests immense potential for substantial lithium mineralization. "

The Road Ahead: Drilling into Prospective Lithium Zones

The confirmation of these high-grade lithium-rich pegmatites signals a promising future for Charger Metals. With Rio Tinto Exploration funding upcoming drill programs as part of the farm-in agreement, Charger aims to capitalize on this discovery. The lithium-rich zones will be a central focus for drilling activities at Lake Johnston, offering a promising avenue for further exploration and confirmation of substantial lithium reserves.

Charger Metals anticipates that this recent breakthrough will not only enhance its Lake Johnston Lithium Project but also potentially redefine the company's footprint in the lithium exploration landscape. The confirmation of extensive lithium-rich pegmatites positions Charger at the forefront of Western Australia's burgeoning lithium sector.

This groundbreaking discovery holds the promise of a bright future for Charger Metals as it moves forward with exploration and development plans, aiming to harness the full potential of the Lake Johnston Lithium Project.

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