How Did Melbana Energy Confirm Oil in the Amistad Reservoir?

How Did Melbana Energy Confirm Oil in the Amistad Reservoir?

Melbana Energy's Alameda-3 Drilling Update: Confirming Oil Potential in Cuban Reservoirs

Melbana Energy Limited, a key player in the oil exploration sector, has recently provided an operational update on the drilling activities at Alameda-3, a well within Block 9 PSC in onshore Cuba. This update comes with significant findings, further cementing Melbana's position in the region.

Confirmation of Oil Reserves in Amistad Reservoir

Melbana Energy has successfully completed flow testing of Unit 3 of the Amistad reservoir, meeting all set objectives. The test confirmed the presence of moveable oil, similar in quality and reservoir conditions to that observed in Alameda-2.

Significance of the Findings

Andrew Purcell, Executive Chairman of Melbana, emphasized the importance of these findings. He noted that the results validate their geological model and confirm the decision to focus on developing the lighter oil in Unit 1B of the upper sheet, known for its typical Cuban oil characteristics.

Geological and Technical Insights

The DST in Alameda-3 reached a depth of 1846mMD in a 12-1/4” hole.

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The test revealed elevated gas readings and required an increase in mud weight to 1. 45sg. Conducted over a 114mMD interval, the test showed no formation water and confirmed the presence of moveable oil.

Surface Oil Observation

During the DST, oil was observed at the surface (as shown in Figure 2 of the report), and samples were taken for laboratory analysis. The initial inflow of the DST displayed an approximate flow rate of 37 BOPD over a 6-hour period.

Analysis of Results

Preliminary analysis suggests the oil to be slightly lighter than that recovered from Alameda-2's Unit 3 DST. The downhole pressures encountered were also similar. The laboratory results and wireline logs analysis are expected to provide further important information, enhancing the confidence in the Company's geological model for Unit 3 of the Amistad reservoir.

Future Exploration Plans

Melbana Energy is preparing to drill ahead to test the deeper Alameda and Marti reservoirs discovered in 2022. These reservoirs have been independently estimated to contain a combined 179 million barrels of Prospective (recoverable) Resource (Unrisked Gross Best Estimate).

Forward Program

The next stage in Alameda-3 involves resuming drilling to reach the planned total depth of 2869mMD. After logging this open hole, drilling will continue to the well's total depth before commencing flow tests in the two lower oil-bearing reservoirs intersected by Alameda-1 – Alameda and Marti.

Strengthening Geological Confidence

Melbana Energy's successful drilling and testing at Alameda-3 not only reaffirm the presence of valuable oil reserves in the Cuban reservoirs but also strengthen the company's confidence in its geological models. As the company moves forward with its exploration and drilling plans, these findings are set to play a crucial role in shaping the future of oil exploration in the region.

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