How Has Minbos' Phosphate Fertilizer, Prosper Primeiro, Grown Crop Productivity?

How Has Minbos' Phosphate Fertilizer, Prosper Primeiro, Grown Crop Productivity?

Minbos Resources Limited: Revolutionizing Crop Productivity with Innovative Phosphate Fertilizer

Minbos Resources Limited (ASX: MNB), a pioneer in the fertilizer industry, has recently made headlines with its groundbreaking field trial programs. These trials, conducted in collaboration with industry partners Group Carrinho and Biocom, have showcased exceptional crop productivity results, particularly with key crops like Soy and Maize, using Minbos’ proprietary phosphate fertilizer, Prosper Primeiro.

Field Trials: A New Era in Fertilization

Recent inspections in Huambo, Angola, led by Minbos Agronomist Dr. Luis Prochnow and Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer Mr. Rob Newbold, have validated the extraordinary effectiveness of Prosper Primeiro. The trials revealed significant gains in crops fertilized exclusively with this product, marking a significant advancement in agricultural fertilization.

Phosphorous: The Essential Element

Phosphorus (P) is a crucial element for plant growth.

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The trials underscored its significance, with control treatments including Nitrogen and Potassium fertilizers showing minimal benefits compared to those treated with Prosper Primeiro. This highlights the pivotal role of phosphate in enhancing soil quality and crop productivity.

Long-Term Benefits

Prosper Primeiro has demonstrated not just immediate effects but also a remarkable "repeated effect. " Crops in their second year after the initial application continued to exhibit superior growth, indicating the fertilizer's lasting impact on soil quality and crop yields.

Partner Nutrient Management Programs: Educational Seminars

Minbos has actively engaged with its industry partners through nutrient management seminars. These sessions, led by Dr. Prochnow, have focused on the importance of phosphate fertilizers, their application in the field, and the uptake of phosphate by various crops.

Marketing and Customer Acquisition

Under the guidance of Chief Marketing Officer Rob Newbold, Minbos has launched a comprehensive sales and marketing strategy, targeting fertilizer sales in Angola. This strategy is integral to expanding the use and understanding of Prosper Primeiro among agricultural professionals.

Detailed Field Trials: A Closer Look

The foundation of Minbos' success lies in its development of the Angolan Cabinda Phosphate Rock (PR) resource. This natural rock phosphate, soon to be produced as Prosper Primeiro, is set to become Angola's first domestically produced fertilizer.

Extensive Research and Trials

Since 2017, Minbos has funded extensive agronomic research, resulting in 28 completed field trials with various crops. The ongoing season includes 18 trials with an expanded range of crops, further solidifying the versatility and effectiveness of Prosper Primeiro.

Trial Design and Results

The trial programs have been scientifically designed to compare different phosphorus sources and rates. Findings have consistently shown that the Cabinda PR, especially when used in conjunction with water-soluble phosphorus sources, significantly increases crop yields.

The Future of Prosper Primeiro: Impact on Angolan Agriculture

Currently, Angola’s reliance on imported, costly fertilizers has limited its agricultural productivity. The introduction of domestically produced Cabinda PR promises a revolution in crop yields and farming practices.

Vision for Smallholder and Technical Farmers

Minbos envisions that smallholder farmers will exclusively use Cabinda PR, leading to substantial improvements in crop yields. More technical farmers are expected to use Cabinda PR in combination with water-soluble phosphorus, catering to diverse agricultural needs.

Minbos Resources Limited is at the forefront of agricultural innovation with its Prosper Primeiro fertilizer. The company's commitment to improving crop productivity through advanced phosphate fertilization techniques is set to transform the agricultural landscape in Angola and beyond.

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