How much did Avz Minerals Mineral Resource increase at the Manono Project?

How much did Avz Minerals Mineral Resource increase at the Manono Project?

Manono Project's Mineral Resource Surge: An In-Depth Analysis

The Manono Lithium and Tin Project, predominantly under the stewardship of AVZ Minerals Limited, has experienced a monumental surge in its mineral resource estimates. This comprehensive analysis aims to unravel the layers of this development, examining the project's expansion, its economic ramifications, and the intricate legal battles entangling it.

The Roche Dure Expansion: A Strategic Leap

The recent drilling activities at Roche Dure have augmented the Manono Project's resources by an additional 268 million tonnes. This represents a staggering 47% increase, catapulting the total measured, indicated, and inferred mineral resource to an impressive 842 million tonnes. This growth is particularly pronounced at the Roche Dure deposit, which now accounts for 669 million tonnes, marking a 67% rise. The bulk of this increase falls under the 'measured and indicated' category, signifying a heightened degree of confidence in these resource estimates.

Implications for Project Longevity and Efficiency

The revised estimates show a significant 82% escalation in Roche Dure's measured and indicated resources, totaling 500 million tonnes.

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This substantial increase in high-certainty resources is anticipated to extend the mine's operational lifespan and optimize the waste-to-ore stripping ratios, thereby enhancing overall mining efficiency.

Drilling Programme: Paving the Path for Growth

The objective of the drilling programme was twofold: to extend the mineral resource and to fill gaps in the geological model. The meticulous execution of the 53-hole diamond drilling, covering an extensive 15,684. 7 meters, accomplished these objectives. This effort has instilled a robust level of confidence in the deposit model, which is crucial for future planning and development.

Mineralogical Richness: Beyond Lithium

The Manono Project's wealth is not limited to lithium oxide (Li2O). It also harbors substantial quantities of tin (Sn) and tantalum (Ta). The recent drilling outcomes have revealed an average of 709ppm of Sn and 37ppm of Ta, in addition to the primary lithium oxide content.

The Challenge of Deleterious Elements

A potentially detrimental element, iron oxide (Fe2O3), has been identified across the project area, averaging at 1. 01%. This element poses certain challenges in mining and processing, necessitating careful handling and advanced technological interventions.

Legal Entanglements and Ownership Disputes

The ownership rights of the Roche Dure deposit have been mired in legal disputes and arbitration proceedings. Despite these challenges, AVZ maintains that its partner, Dathcom, holds the rights to the entire Manono Project area, encompassing both Roche Dure and Carriere de l’Este.

International Arbitration and Its Implications

AVZ's engagement in International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) proceedings aims to solidify its legal standing. The ICSID tribunal's recent interim orders have swung in favor of AVZ, providing a strategic advantage in their ongoing legal confrontations.

Economic and Environmental Dynamics

The project's economic feasibility is underpinned by factors such as the potential for open-pit mining and the application of conventional dense media separation and flotation circuits for mineral extraction. Long-term pricing projections for spodumene and tin concentrates add to the project's economic allure.

Navigating Environmental and Socio-Economic Terrain

The Manono Project's journey is not just about geological and technical milestones. It encompasses a spectrum of considerations including environmental impacts, permitting processes, socio-economic impacts, and market dynamics, all of which play pivotal roles in shaping the project's future.

Standing as a potentially dominant force in the lithium market, the Manono Project's success hinges on its ability to navigate legal complexities, ensure environmental compliance, and maintain economic viability in a fluctuating market.

As it progresses, the Manono Project is not just a significant economic venture; it's a critical component in the global transition towards renewable energy and electric mobility, holding the promise of contributing significantly to a greener future.

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