Ionic Rare Earths Pioneers Full-Scale Production of Recycled Magnet Rare Earth Oxides at Belfast Facility

Ionic Rare Earths Pioneers Full-Scale Production of Recycled Magnet Rare Earth Oxides at Belfast Facility

Ionic Rare Earths Limited (ASX: IXR), through its subsidiary Ionic Technologies, has achieved a significant milestone in the recycling of magnet rare earth oxides (REOs) by commencing continuous production at its Belfast demonstration facility. Producing 11. 5 kg of high-grade Didymium (Neodymium-Praseodymium, NdPr) Oxide and paving the way for the production of Dysprosium/Holmium (Dy/Ho) products, Ionic Technologies is setting the stage for the feasibility study of a commercial plant aimed at bolstering the Western supply chain for critical energy transition materials.

Strategic Advancement in Rare Earth Recycling

Ionic Technologies has marked its entry into the recycling sector with the production of high-purity REOs, crucial for the energy transition, advanced manufacturing, and defense sectors. Its Belfast facility has successfully demonstrated the capability to produce magnet REOs, including NdPr oxide, at a demonstration scale. This development is part of a collaborative program supported by the UK government, involving major partners such as Ford Motor Company and Less Common Metals (LCM).

A Step Toward Commercialization

The demonstration plant's achievement of continuous production signifies Ionic Technologies' readiness to meet the market demand for recycled magnet REOs.

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The company is engaging in late-stage negotiations for significant production campaigns, signaling a move towards commercial agreements and the expansion of its technology to Western markets. The ongoing success also supports the completion of a feasibility study for scaling up the facility.

Contributing to a Sustainable Future

The Belfast facility's operations are aligned with global policy priorities, including the European Union Critical Raw Materials Act and the US Inflation Reduction Act, aiming to establish a sustainable, traceable, and sovereign rare earth supply chain. By recycling end-of-life magnets from various sources, Ionic Technologies is addressing the critical need for sustainable sources of rare earth elements, essential for modern technologies such as electric vehicles and wind turbines.

Technological Innovation and Market Positioning

Ionic Technologies' proprietary process represents a significant advancement in the recycling of rare earth elements, offering a solution to the challenge of securing a sustainable supply of these critical materials. The company's "first mover" advantage in the recycling of separated magnet REOs places it at the forefront of efforts to develop domestic, secure, and sustainable supply chains in the UK and EU.

Looking Ahead

With its demonstrated success at the Belfast facility, Ionic Rare Earths is not only contributing to the circular economy but also establishing itself as a key player in the global effort to secure supplies of rare earth elements. As the company moves towards the commercialization of its technology, its role in supporting the transition to green energy and advanced technological applications is expected to grow significantly.

Ionic Rare Earths Limited's achievement at its Belfast demonstration facility represents a major step forward in the recycling of magnet rare earth oxides, offering a sustainable alternative to traditional mining methods. As the company progresses towards commercialization, its innovative approach promises to play a pivotal role in securing the future supply of critical materials necessary for the energy transition and beyond.

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