Who is Duncan Glasgow? General Counsel & Company Secretary at Magnis Energy

Who is Duncan Glasgow? General Counsel & Company Secretary at Magnis Energy

Duncan Glasgow: Strengthening Legal and Governance Framework at Magnis Energy Technologies

Duncan Glasgow's Impact as Group General Counsel & Company Secretary

Duncan Glasgow, serving as the Group General Counsel & Company Secretary at Magnis Energy Technologies Ltd, brings a wealth of experience in corporate and commercial law. His expertise spans across various sectors including energy, mining, retailing, and industrial, particularly with ASX-listed and private companies.

Extensive Legal and Corporate Governance Experience

Director of Legal and Risk at Cater Care Holdings: In his most recent role before joining Magnis Energy Technologies, Glasgow was responsible for managing risk, governance activities, and corporate requirements for all operating entities of Cater Care Holdings, a leading contract caterer in Australia.

Wilmar Sugar Australia Limited: Glasgow spent over eight years at Wilmar Sugar Australia Limited as General Counsel & Company Secretary. Here, his role encompassed corporate restructuring, M&A activities including due diligence, separation negotiation, and documentation, along with consultation with tax advisors and regulators.

Educational Background

Duncan Glasgow holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Laws from Macquarie University, demonstrating a solid foundation in both legal and liberal arts education.

Professional Accolades

Glasgow is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and the Governance Institute.

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He also holds an Unqualified Practicing Certificate from the Law Society of NSW, reflecting his commitment to ongoing professional development and adherence to legal best practices.

Magnis Energy Technologies Ltd, listed on the ASX, OTCQB, and FSE, operates as a vertically integrated lithium-ion battery technology and materials company. The firm plays a strategic role in the electrification supply chain, with its vision focused on enabling, supporting, and accelerating the green energy transition essential for Electric Mobility and Renewable Energy Storage.

Glasgow's Role in Magnis Energy Technologies

As Group General Counsel & Company Secretary, Glasgow's role is pivotal in navigating the complex legal landscape of the energy sector. His experience in managing risk, governance, and corporate restructuring is crucial for Magnis Energy Technologies as it continues to expand its footprint in the renewable energy and electric mobility sectors.
Additional Leadership Roles

Chairman of Bracken Resources Pty Ltd

In addition to his role at Magnis Energy Technologies, Glasgow holds the position of Chairman at Bracken Resources Pty Ltd, bringing his legal expertise to the forefront of resource management and development.

Board Member of Glasgow Science Centre Charitable Trust

His involvement with the Glasgow Science Centre Charitable Trust further underscores his commitment to science, education, and community engagement, aligning with his broader professional objectives.

Duncan Glasgow's Integral Role in Magnis Energy Technologies

Duncan Glasgow's appointment as Group General Counsel & Company Secretary at Magnis Energy Technologies Ltd marks a significant step in strengthening the company's legal and governance framework.

His extensive experience across various sectors, coupled with his academic and professional credentials, positions him ideally to guide the company through the intricate legalities of the energy and technology industries. Glasgow's role is instrumental in supporting Magnis Energy Technologies’ vision of facilitating a sustainable and green energy future.

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