Who Is The Team Guiding Western Australia Energy Resources to Its ASX Debut?

Who Is The Team Guiding Western Australia Energy Resources to Its ASX Debut?

Western Australia Energy Resources Poised for ASX Debut


Western Australia Energy Resources (WAER), a burgeoning player in the resources industry, is on the brink of a significant milestone with its upcoming listing on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). Following the lodging of a Replacement Prospectus with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) on 11 September 2023, and a Supplementary Prospectus on 11 December 2023, WAER is gearing up for a major leap forward.

Exploring New Frontiers in Energy Resources

WAER was incorporated with a clear mission: to evaluate and secure lucrative investment opportunities in the resources sector. The company is keenly focused on unearthing economically viable mineral reserves to cater to the burgeoning global energy demand.

Nickel Exploration and Beyond

Initially, WAER is concentrating its exploratory efforts on nickel, a critical component in the burgeoning battery market. However, the company is also considering the potential of other commodities, signaling a versatile and adaptive exploration strategy.

Jimberlana Project: The 100% Owned Venture

At the heart of WAER's operations lies the 100% owned Jimberlana project.

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This project is already home to a nickel resource, situated in one of Western Australia's most geologically promising regions.

Land Tenure Expansion

WAER has secured two granted exploration licenses covering approximately 253 square kilometers, along with seven additional tenement applications, expanding its land tenure to 687 square kilometers. This expansion is a strategic move to bolster its exploration capabilities.

Leadership at WAER

Mr. Mark Major: Non-Executive Chairman

With over 30 years of experience in the resources industry, Mr. Major, a qualified geologist with an MBA, has held executive roles in various junior and mid-tier resource companies in Australia and internationally. His expertise includes project generation, JV negotiation, financing, and government relations.

Mr. Sherman Cheah: Non-Executive Director

Mr. Cheah brings 20 years of experience in finance and corporate management to WAER. As a university educator and President of AMEAI, his expertise spans business strategy, risk management, and business development.

Mr. Martin Helean: Non-Executive Director

Mr. Helean's 30-year career spans senior managerial roles in mining, mineral exploration, manufacturing, and construction sectors. Specializing in operational efficiency and logistics, he has a proven track record in successful contract negotiations.

Mr. Eric Wu: Non-Executive Director

Mr. Wu is an experienced executive in the mining and commodities trading sectors. With over 20 years in leadership roles, he has a broad range of experience in executive management, fundraising, and business development.

Mr. Gregory Almond: Chief Executive Officer

A seasoned geologist, Mr. Almond has extensive experience in mining operations and exploration in Australia and internationally. His expertise includes technical and executive roles in both junior and major mining sectors.

Ms. Nicki Farley: Company Secretary

Ms. Farley, holding a Bachelor of Laws and Arts, has over 15 years of experience in the legal and corporate advisory sectors. Her expertise lies in capital raisings, corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate compliance.

As Western Australia Energy Resources prepares for its ASX listing, it stands at a pivotal moment in its journey. With a strategic focus on nickel exploration, expansion of its land tenure through the Jimberlana project, and a leadership team boasting extensive experience and diverse skills, WAER is well-positioned to make a significant impact in the resources industry. The company's commitment to uncovering and developing mineral resources to meet future energy needs reflects its forward-thinking approach in a rapidly evolving global energy landscape.

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