Why Did Melbana Energy Complete Early Production Testing in Block 9?

Why Did Melbana Energy Complete Early Production Testing in Block 9?

Melbana Energy Limited recently announced the completion of early production testing in Block 9 of their operations in Cuba. The testing, conducted in Unit 1B of Alameda-2, yielded valuable data on the reservoir and logistics performance. In total, 20 tanker loads of oil were successfully delivered to offsite storage.

During the 10-day production period, the flow reached a peak of 1,183 barrels of oil per day (BOPD). The production was intentionally slowed down to ensure a constant rate for optimal data collection. This extended production phase helped gather important information on the transport and storage arrangements for the oil.

Samples of the produced oil were taken for further analysis, including Pressure Volume and Temperature (PVT) analysis.

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The data obtained during the testing period were of good quality and are currently being analyzed by Melbana Energy's geoscience team and consultants.

Following the completion of the early production testing, the well has now been shut in to monitor the build-up of pressure over a period twice as long as the production phase. This will provide additional valuable data on the reservoir's characteristics, which will be crucial in refining the development plan. The analysis of this data will inform decisions regarding well design and spacing for this upper sheet reservoir.

Andrew Purcell, the Executive Chairman of Melbana Energy, expressed his satisfaction with the results of the early production operation. He also mentioned that the second phase of monitoring the pressure build-up is now underway. Purcell plans to return to Cuba in a few weeks to review procedures and operational status before the commencement of the drilling of the next appraisal well.

Melbana Energy Limited is a 30% interest holder in and operator of Block 9 PSC onshore Cuba. The company will continue to provide updates on their operations as they progress.

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