Anson Resources Unveils High-Grade Mineralisation at Ajana Project: A Prelude to a JORC Resource

Anson Resources Unveils High-Grade Mineralisation at Ajana Project: A Prelude to a JORC Resource

In a pivotal development that underscores its growing prowess within the mining sector, Anson Resources Ltd has reported exceptional high-grade mineralisation in zinc, lead, and silver at its Ajana Base and Precious Metals Project. This discovery, situated in the Mid-West region of Western Australia, not only highlights the project's vast potential but also sets the stage for the delineation of a maiden JORC Resource. Here’s a detailed exploration of Anson’s latest achievement and its implications for the future.

Exceptional Discoveries: Anson Resources reports significant high-grade mineralisation of zinc, lead, and silver at the Ajana Project.

Strategic Drilling Success: A focused 13-hole, 540-metre drilling program at the Ethel Maude and Surprise prospects has unveiled notable high-grade zones.

Path to JORC Resource: These results fuel the initiative to define a maiden JORC Mineral Resource, marking a critical step forward for the project.

Future Exploration Plans: Anson is set to re-assay for critical minerals and execute further drilling to expand the mineralisation zones.

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Discovery Highlights

The latest drilling program, comprising a modest yet strategic 13-hole, 540-metre reverse circulation (RC) effort, was aimed at the Ethel Maude and Surprise prospects. This initiative was not only designed to infill and extend known mineralisation but also to lay the groundwork for a maiden JORC Resource estimation. Noteworthy findings include:

Ethel Maude Prospect: Exceptional high-grade mineralisation was encountered, with samples yielding up to 29. 5% zinc, 28. 8% lead, and 43g/t silver.

Surprise Prospect: Targeted drilling revealed significant lead and zinc grades, underscoring the prospect's potential as a valuable mineral resource.

Exploration Methodology and Results

Anson’s exploration strategy, validated by these recent findings, leveraged a combination of VTEM geophysical surveys, historical soil sampling, and geological mapping to identify promising drill targets. This methodical approach has paid dividends, revealing multiple high-grade zones that bolster the project's resource potential.

Towards a JORC Resource

The success of this drilling campaign is a critical milestone towards defining a maiden JORC Resource for the Ajana Project. The company's ability to not only intersect significant mineralisation but also extend known zones along strike and down dip, illustrates the project's robustness and scalability.

Future Prospects and Critical Minerals

Anson Resources is not resting on its laurels, with plans to re-assay pulps of high-grade zinc mineralisation for critical minerals like gallium, indium, and germanium. This move not only speaks to the project's potential to contribute to the critical minerals supply chain but also aligns with global demand trends. Furthermore, the identification of additional mineralisation zones paves the way for an expanded drilling program, aimed at further delineating the project's resource base.

Strategic Implications for Anson Resources

The Ajana Project's emerging profile as a high-grade source of zinc, lead, and silver—and potentially critical minerals—positions Anson Resources at the forefront of the mining sector’s push towards securing strategic mineral resources. The company's proactive exploration strategy and the consequent success in delineating high-grade mineralisation zones underscore its commitment to resource development and shareholder value realization.

Anson Resources Ltd’s significant progress at the Ajana Base and Precious Metals Project not only enhances its project portfolio but also contributes to the broader narrative of resource security and sustainability in the mining industry. As the company advances towards defining a maiden JORC Resource and expanding its exploration efforts, the sector watches with keen interest at what could be a transformative journey for both Anson and the Australian mining landscape.

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